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Grief Support During the Holidays

With offerings both online and in the real world, YoloCares meets those in grief where they are. Their support includes a wide range of programs for adults, teens, and children at no cost to the participant—their commitment to the common good.

Hope & Understanding in 2023

As we prepare for a new year, we pause to reflect on the past—and look toward the future with hope and understanding. Carmel Raviv is a Sophomore at UC Davis, where she is a member of the Hillel House community. She wrote this letter to share her thoughts on Jewish identity and culture—and how we can support each other during these challenging times. 


purple tree cafe cart

Purple Tree Cafe to open Brick & Mortar

Purple Tree Cafe, a pop-up bakery in Davis with a passionate mission, plans to expand to a brick & mortar location in Sacramento early next ...
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Rainbow City Park band performing at Turtle House

Rainbow City Park: Local Indie Band Takes Off

Whether you’ve heard their alt-rock dream pop sound at venues like Turtle House or not, the name may ring a bell.
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davis freedge

Davis Freedges Help Support Neighbors

Grassroots Effort to Support Food Insecure Neighbors
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Photo Galleries

Image of a public piano, part of the In the Key of Davis program.

In the Key of Davis

Its piano season in Davis, and eight public pianos have been installed throughout the City.
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Images of crowds and celebration from Davis Pride Festival 2023.

Davis Pride’s Largest Crowds Ever + IMAGE GALLERY

More than 5-thousand LGBTQ+ members and supporters packed into Central Park last weekend, making the 2023 Davis Pride Festival the largest one to date.
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Memorial for David Breaux, Davis’ beloved “Compassion Guy”

“If I’m ever harmed and unable to speak for myself, forgive the perpetrator and help others forgive that person,” David wrote in a text message ...
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Memorial for Karim Abou Najm at Sycamore Park.

Memorial for Karim Najm

“I want this to be his memory: a bundle of energy, a bundle of positivity,” Karim’s father told KCRA. “Someone who was just full of ...
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