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After Year and a Half, Davis Live Music Collective Returns!

Tré Burt will perform October 26 at Veterans Memorial Theatre

Ten years ago, some music aficionados formed a volunteer organization dedicated to hosting live music in Davis, providing artists of all sizes a platform for their work, and educating public school students about art and music. Now, after a hiatus of more than a year and a half, the Davis Live Music Collective is back!

Tre Burt to Perform at Veterans Memorial Theater

The collective’s upcoming show on October 26 will feature Tré Burt, a singer-songwriter and Bay Area native. He will perform pieces from his sophomore album You, Yeah, You, released this past summer. Garrett Pierce, a singer-songwriter from Sonoma, and producer/multi-instrumentalist (and Davis High/UCD alum) Max Hart will also join the stage.

DLMC originally booked Burt for the 2020 Davis Music Fest. At that time, Burt was still a smaller artist, and the festival would have been, the DLMC hoped, a breakthrough spotlight. Since the festival’s cancellation, however, Burt has rightfully enjoyed more success, and this upcoming show will represent a return to the more intimate performances of his early years.

“He’s had a breakout couple of years,” said DLMC’s Executive Director Kyle Monhollen, “so when the board started talking about returning to live shows with a smaller, safe event, he was a natural fit.”

DLMC Co-Founder Kyle Monhollen Comments on Hiatus

Monhollen co-founded the collective back in 2011. “The organization was born out of a desire to grow the house-concert scene,” he says, “to include more people and present bigger touring artists.”

He started out by stacking chairs and providing ice; his responsibilities have since expanded to designing and printing posters, flyers, and tickets, as well as booking shows.

As an extrovert, Monhollen appreciates social connection. “There is something so special about facilitating an artist, connecting to new audiences, and watching people come together around something shared and beautiful.” He also loves a good project, “and each show is its own project with a pretty great party at the end.”

So the hiatus from live music has been rough. “The isolation of quarantine was really hard,” Monhollen said. “Being part of a creative organization with a positive mission has been really healthy for me, and I’m really glad to be back at it.” He looks forward most to “seeing some folks I haven’t seen for a long time.”

Back into the Rhythm of Live Music

But getting back into the groove hasn’t been a smooth ride. “Community and artist safety is a top priority for our events,” Monhollen assured. “But the persistence of Covid raises the stakes and shifts how a few things work.”

Even the most seasoned hosts, it seems, have also grown a bit rusty.

The collective has implemented an indoor mask requirement and proof of vaccination upon entry to their events. Space will be left between each seated group to minimize the risk of cross-group exposure. Guests will also have to purchase tickets prior to the event, and no concessions will be provided for now.

Yet preparing for this concert, Monhollen said, has been extraordinarily rewarding. “Everyone involved is a volunteer and does this for fun,” he said, “so most of the time, the work involved is a big part of the reward.”

Additionally, Monhollen has enjoyed reconnecting with stakeholders and forming new bonds with venues, members, and musicians. “And really, the anticipation leading up to an event is always pretty electric.”

It’s Not Too Late to Get Tickets!

Tickets are still available for the October 26 concert! You can purchase your tickets here.

The DLMC has also booked shows for Saturday, November 13th, and March of next year, Monhollen says. So keep a lookout, and check the website regularly for more details.

Contributed to The Dirt by Sam Swank. Swank is a senior at UC Davis, double-majoring in Spanish and linguistics.

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