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Where to Find the World’s Best Pork: Berkshire Kurobuta at Nugget Markets

By Ashley Muir Bruhn | June 17, 2020

Prized for its characteristic tenderness, savory succulence and tantalizing rendering, Berkshire Kurobuta pork has earned a reputation for being the best pork money can buy, and with good reason! It’s a favorite of chefs in top restaurants around the world, and thanks to Nugget Markets, now you can enjoy it at home. Simply visit their meat department to find their Fresh to Market 100% Berkshire Kurobuta Pork in a variety of cuts from baby back ribs and tomahawk chops to pork butt, tenderloin and more. 

Wondering what makes Berkshire Kurobuta pork better than the rest? We’ve got the answers right here.

What is Kurobuta pork?

Kurobuta pork comes from Berkshire pigs, a heritage breed that originated in the Berkshire county of England. Often referred to as the “Kobe beef” of pork, Kurobuta (meaning “black pig”) pork became popular in Japan for its unmatched quality. You can distinguish pure heirloom Berkshire pork by its characteristic deep color and generous marbling. 

What makes it so good?

Like Kobe or Wagyu beef, Berkshire pork owes its incredible flavor and marbling to its heirloom heritage. Berkshire pigs boast higher pH levels than standard breeds, which, along with humane handling, yields firmer, darker and less acidic meat. In short, this translates to juicier, more flavorful and better quality pork. 

Where does it come from?

Nugget Markets sources their Fresh to Market Pork from Berkwood Farms, a farmer-owned network of family farms that raise 100% certified Berkshire pigs right here in the USA. Devoted to responsible, sustainable and humane practices, they create comfortable habitats for their pigs, including crate-free environments with room to move. The herds are also raised on a high-quality, all-vegetarian, grain-based diet with no antibiotics or hormones. As an added bonus, these farmers hand-inspect every cut to ensure the highest quality, best-tasting pork on the market. 

How do I cook it? 

Berkshire Kurobuta pork cooks similarly to conventional pork, but is more forgiving thanks to the extra marbling. To make the most of your next pork dish, follow these pro tips:

  • Cook to 145°F for medium rare.
  • Choose bone-in cuts for more flavor.
  • For pork butt or ribs, smoke or roast low and slow to make it extra tender.
  • For pork loin or tenderloin, cook hot and fast over direct heat to sear the outside.
  • If cooking over an open flame, watch out for flareups from the drippings.
  • Let rest 5-10 minutes before eating.

Hungry yet? Find this premium pork in the meat department of your local Nugget Markets and taste the difference for yourself.

Sponsored Content. The Dirt would like to thank Nugget Markets for their many years of supporting local local arts, culture, and community in Davis. We are lucky to have them!

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