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What Brings a Village to Dance

By: Village Dance for The Dirt

From Dream to Ecstatic Dance

On a fateful evening in late 2018, two Davis dads—Daniel Moglen and Eli Sarnat—walked around the big green in Village Homes. A vision emerged to bring a space for dance, music, and movement to Davis for people of all ages, from babies to elders and everyone in between.

Their complementary skills proved to be a fitting match; Daniel loves building community and bringing people together, Eli is a sound wizard and DJ. Neither of them knew that five years later they would be the hosts of a vibrant monthly Ecstatic Dance scene in Yolo County.

Ecstatic Dance is an intentional, free form, judgment-free space to dance and move in community. The main guidelines include that the dance space be 1) no shoes, 2) nonverbal, and 3) substance-free.

The DJ facilitates the dance journey as the music traverses a range of genres from an ambient feel to an energetic crescendo, and back down to a place of rest. Each month features a different DJ. Past DJs include: Soul Seed, Scott Nice, Maya Light, Gabriel Francisco, Sudakra, Yaali-Ma, and Village Dance’s resident DJ, NDEMIK.

“Village Dance continues to be a place where I can rest, move, and articulate the fullest expression of my being in a way that is authentic, held, loved, and celebrated within the beautiful community that exists around me,” local Healing Arts Practitioner Carrie Agasid said. “Whether I’m a guest facilitator offering a guided embodiment activity or an attendee coming to move to the flow and beat of the music, it’s a place I return to for the joyful, loving environment and the therapeutic benefits I receive from each monthly encounter.”

Every dance starts with an opening circle, where a community member leads the group in a warm up activity, followed by the dance, and ends with a closing circle where the community can optionally share their experience with the group. This structure creates an intentional container where the dance can flourish.

As a grateful recipient of the City of Davis Arts Grant and through the continued support of our beloved community, Village Dance is excited to celebrate its five-year anniversary in Davis on February 17, featuring a beloved local DJ, Brotha Jag. Please join us in marking this occasion.

Mark Your Calendar for Village Dance!

Every Third Saturday, 11a—1:30p
Village Homes Community Center
2661 Portage Bay E
Davis, CA 95616

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