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The Fletcher’s Features: Davis couple inspires small business support

By Victoria McJunkin | May 31, 2020

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Brenda and David Fletcher of Goodhome Group Real Estate

Small businesses are at the heart of the Davis community—something local real estate agents Brenda and David Fletcher understand well. So when retailers adjusted for COVID safety guidelines by limiting operations or closing their doors, the Fletchers took to their Facebook page and began offering their own giveaways to local businesses—donuts from Pink Dozen, dinner from KetMoRee, a gift certificate to Avid Reader, to name a few—to show support for and encourage others to support our local businesses. 

“If we really want this lifestyle that we all say we want, where we have a walkable town and bikes and nice newspapers and an artistic community,” says David, “at some point you just have to step up and support it.” 

The couple’s plan was inspired by seeing the power of suggestion among their own Facebook friends who were sharing unique finds from around town: a banana-split kit from The Good Scoop, tater tots on Woodstock’s pizza. Brenda recalls, “I saw that whenever somebody said, ‘Hey, you can get this cool item here,’ it made me go, ‘That’s a great idea!’ I wanted to keep the chain going, by letting others know what’s open and what’s available.” 

As realtors, the Fletchers understand the importance of supporting our community of small businesses—the very thing that distinguishes Davis from other cities. “We see people choose to live in Davis—spending more money because of the schools, yes, but it’s the cute town, these absolute gems of stores [that they want]” shares David. “Having a thriving business community is so important to the lifestyle in Davis,” and we, as a community, need to make sure it stays alive for everyone.

By simply sharing a picture of a favorite to-go order, suggesting a local item to a friend, or by purchasing a gift certificate to a business you love, awareness of small businesses and how to lend them support increases exponentially.

“We’re supporting one step at a time with one little purchase, but the goal is to bring these businesses to awareness,” says Brenda. “The more people we can get recognizing that, the more we can support each other, and the stronger we will be.” One voice alone may not solve everything, but each individual is capable of making an impact. 

Brenda Fletcher poses at Tres Hermanas for a Facebook giveaway: dinner on them!

In fact, the Fletchers have been continually moved by the community’s response to their posts, as in the case of the winners of the KetMoRee giveaway, who “paid it forward” by buying two dozen donuts and delivering it in their name. “I’ve had so many people reach out to me and say, ‘Hey, we didn’t win, but we bought it anyway,’” notes Brenda, “and that’s been really inspiring.” 

Although it may seem simpler to stop at a big-chain market or order an item online, the ease of these purchases in the moment fails to support the community in the long-term. Plus, by finding local alternatives to generic products, the shopping experience becomes both enjoyable and rewarding.

The personalized service of business owners accompanies one-of-a-kind purchases, which double as investments in the wellbeing of our community and its future. “If there is a silver lining, for me, it’s recognizing this value that I feel was always there, and that I took for granted,” Brenda expresses. “I never want to take for granted again what it means to support your town and the people around you.”

The Fletchers’ two children show some love for local bakery, Let Them Eat Cake. They offered a gift certificate to the business on their page.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a team of stellar realtors to make a positive impact—what the Fletchers are doing is an example of how everyone can come up with creative ways to help.

Have you been inspired by any creative examples of ways to help your community? We’d love to hear them! 

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