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The Boneyard: A DIY Art Show

Backyard Art Show Makes Space for Emerging Artists

By: Jenni Muheim for The Dirt

In the heart of creativity and community spirit, a unique and accessible space for artists has emerged, breaking away from traditional gallery settings.

“The Boneyard,” a moving, indie backyard art show, is carving its niche as a space for artists seeking an alternative platform to showcase their work in Davis.

The Boneyard was born out of a desire to create an inclusive and welcoming space for artists who may feel overlooked or overwhelmed by the conventional art scene.

“There’s not a ton of easy to get into art spaces in Davis,” Founder Cassidy Ruiz said. “Everything requires some sort of a permit or some sort of like a license and stuff like that, and it’s really hard for people to get into.”

Ruiz held the first backyard show in January. The second was a Valentine’s themed exhibition in partnership with Turtle House. The spaces used are welcoming, with string lights and lantern-lit booths. Works of art cover every flat surface imaginable, and artists are enthusiastic to share their work. 

As The Boneyard continues to gain momentum, it serves as a testament to the power of grassroots initiatives in fostering creativity and inclusivity. By reimagining the traditional art show, The Boneyard creates a space where art is re-imagined and celebrated like no other.

Ruiz hopes to create a fun space for artists and visitors.

“I don’t really have a goal, more of just let’s all hang out and do something fun,” Ruiz explained. “It’s kind of just for everyone to get together and share artwork and help people pay the bills.”

The Boneyard’s next show is set for March 16 at Rocknasium.

the boneyard
the boneyard

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