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Somatic Breath Work

This is a practice called #TraumaAware #SomaticBreathwork. It’s a personal inward journey where I only act as a guide. You’re in full control at all times and it’s simply by using your own #breath. There will be times we’re breathing in/out through our mouths and times in/out through our nose, we will begin with an explanation of what to expect, a beginning short #meditation to ground ourselves and at the end some like to share, some remain to themselves, the only request is later that day you journal what came up for you in the session.

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Grace Leslie at Mondavi Center

Piece 1: Vessels (2015–2020) Pieces 2-3: from Fais de moi un instrument (2021) As a Stanford student, Grace Leslie imagined a new kind of electronic music. She wanted to engineer music to harmonize the brain with the nervous system. Leslie has continued to develop this brain-body music as director of the Brain Music Lab at Georgia Tech. As an active

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