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Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Space & Clearing Your Mind

By: Hanna Nakano

Just in time for Spring cleaning season, a new full-service organization business has opened in Yolo County. Think The Home Edit or Mari Kondo, but with a Yolo County twist that focuses on kitchens & pantries, closets, offices, and playrooms.

Simply Set Spaces works with clients to transform the most important spaces in their homes to create more functionality and beauty. Basically, they do the nitty gritty cleaning and organizing—while you enjoy the aesthetic rewards.

Founders Sarah Eich and Brenna Hughes are both mothers in Davis, and know first-hand how disorganized a home can become when kids are in round-the-clock activities, parents are both working, and no one has time to take care of the little things.

Because each client, home, and problem area is unique, Eich and Hughes start by assessing the space in real life during a free 30-minute consult. 

From there, clients can dig into custom design proposals for their space, choosing to execute the plan on their own or hire Simply Set Spaces to bring the design to life. A la carte offerings include hiring an organizer for a day (or half day) where a team member helps you edit, sort, and reorganize an existing space, leaving you tidied up and able to focus on the things that really matter.  

We got to chat with the organizers for a Q&A ahead of their busy season to find out more about their two-fold mission of organizing homes and giving families more time to enjoy life together. 

Q: What inspired you to start this project?

A: We share a lifelong passion for organizing because of the calming effect it creates. Clutter and disorganization can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Simplifying a space by using organizational systems that fit each client’s needs and lifestyle is very rewarding. We love connecting with our clients and learning about their life, family, schedule, and aspirations. Knowing that we can help declutter and reorganize important spaces in their lives so they can move with ease and efficiency is an honor.

Q: What do you talk about in the free consultation?

A: We like to meet with our clients in person so we can see their space and hear about what is working for them, what is not working, and how we can help. This is a zero judgment process. Some clients feel uneasy having us in their cluttered garage, office, playroom, or kitchen—but we know all-too-well how life can get busy and chaotic in a hurry. By connecting in person, we listen to their story and their goals, then we share our ideas and vision for a re-organized space that will bring them the ease, calm, and functionality they want and need.

Q: How do you help clients keep up the organization you put in place?

A: We customize our designs to fit the specific needs of each client. This personal approach ensures the organizational systems we put in place are easy to maintain and are useful to each individual client.

Q: Why does what things look like really matter?

A: This work is not about perfection or the appearance of perfection. It is about reclaiming function and simplicity in the midst of our ever-moving, busy lives. When the space you inhabit is set up in a way that fits your needs, you can move more freely through your tasks in that space which gives you more time to be present with the people you share those spaces with and the time you spend there.

CONNECT ONLINE AT: Simply Set Spaces

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