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Secret Spot: Gallery Makes Space for New, “Weird” Artists in Davis

By: Isabella Holmes for The Dirt

A new gallery in downtown Davis is making space for weird art and young artists.

Secret Spot—an art and music gallery and studio—hopes to be a haven for artists in the City who feel disconnected from the more established art scene.

Founded by local artists Toni Rizzo (@its_an_artiful_world), Harry Greer (, and Stephanie Peel (@stephaniempeel), Secret Spot provides a space for young artists to show their work and be part of the vibrant art community in town.

“I was frustrated with the professional art scene in Davis,” Peel told The Dirt. “A lot of old-school artists and their friends giving opportunities to each other.”

By opening their own spot, they’re changing the game.

“We needed our own space for all the people who want to make weird art and be taken seriously,” Peel said. “We just want to make what we want to make and have a space for it.”

Secret Spot taps into the strong community of Davis with the pursuit of sharing, communicating, and working together. Their event calendar is vibrant—a testament to the community they’re building—from shows with local musicians and DJs, to poetry readings, open mics, and vendor days.

“It’s truly about creating the coolest space ever, for everyone,” Rizzo told The Dirt. “We know we have abundance in this town, and that every business can thrive if we work together.”

Secret Spot is reflective of a longstanding and flourishing arts community, but its manifestation is completely new.

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Greer grew up in Davis, and has been privy to the “little gems” of fringe art that have been around for years, but were hard to access or find out about.

“Having a legit spot that’s right downtown, creating a space that is accessible to anyone who is interested… it’s exactly what Davis needs,” Greer told The Dirt. “There were no opportunities for odd, out-there kinds of stuff. It’s amazing that we’re getting to create a space where that is celebrated and visible.”

Secret Spot is located at 117 D Street. Follow on Instagram @secret_spot_davis for information about their coming events; send a DM if you’d like to get involved as a vendor or artist.

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