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Pet of the Month: Sept 2023

Max P. O’Neill
Age: 8-1/2
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Humans: Antoinette & John O’Neill 
Hobbies: Sunning myself in the sunniest part of the garden; snoozing; sniffing; nibbling on my humans; car rides, and snaffling peanut butter.

Nearly two years ago, Antoinette and John rescued me from a hoarding situation. Until I came to live with them in Davis, I had never walked on a lead, or experienced the outside world. I was twice the recommended weight for a dog my size. With boundless acceptance, love and attention; nutritious homemade dog food; a safe, secure home; patient, consistent exposure to the outside world; a doting grandmother and fun big brother, I shed ten pounds and blossomed into the confident, joyful companion my family takes everywhere they go. 

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