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Misner & Smith’s Latest Album Releases This Month

By: Robin Dewey for The Dirt

Northern California-based duo Misner & Smith are one of the most acclaimed acts in the Americana world and The Dirt got a sneak listen to their newest album release, out this month.

Technically precise songwriting mirrored with an improvisatory spirit and soaring harmonies have made the band—consisting of Sam Misner and Megan Smith—truly loved in Davis and beyond.

Blending elements of Americana with bluegrass, traditional folk ballads, and more pop-leaning ideas, Misner & Smith makes music gloriously nonconforming.

After six long years, the band’s newest album, All iIs Song, releases April 12.

Misner, guitar, and Smith, upright bass, have been fine tuning this record since 2017, making for a release that feels crisp and magical—from their own well-crafted instrumentals to the lyrics.

“The silver lining of the extra time, though, is that we lived with the songs that much longer, and we got to know them more than we would have otherwise,” Misner told The Dirt. “Their meaning deepened for us, too, especially considering what we were all going through over the past few years.” 

“That whole time also reminded us of how powerful and healing music can be,” Smith added. “How much it can bring us together, and that we can’t take any of this for granted.”

A beautiful search for humanity, All is Song is a reminder that even our darkest moments can be rescued through creativity. 

“We’ve lost some very close friends and loved ones over the last couple of years, and music has been a big part in keeping us grounded and hopeful,” Misner said. “It’s a way of connecting to something intangible and bigger than ourselves. And also a way to connect to other people, to bring us together.“

This album is also a celebration. Proof that art and connection matters.

“We’ve never been more proud of an album—or frankly any creative endeavor that we’ve ever been a part of,” Smith said. “In a way, it feels like one big toast to everyone and everything that has put us on this path and on this journey. Every single moment on this album was crafted with so much intention and care, and we are extremely grateful that we finally get to share it all with the world.”

Before the upcoming release of their sixth LP, All is Song, the duo has released five critically

acclaimed records, including Halfway Home (2004), Poor Player (2008), Live at the Freight & Salvage (2010), Seven Hour Storm (2013), and Headwaters (2017).

On All is Song, the musicians build upon that momentum and turn in their finest work to date, an album of inspired declarations to the power of music, song, and, most importantly, collaboration.

Catch Misner & Smith On Tour:
May 2 – Freight & Salvage – Berkeley, CA
June 8 – McCloud River Mountain Music – McCloud, CA

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