Having a ball with Watermelon Music

This Valentine’s Day, Watermelon Music’s live music venue, The Melon Ball, hosts the Valentine’s Winter Interlude, a classical concert dedicated to the beauty of love. The program, presented by the Mellon Music Festival (MMF), features classical music selections as well as contemporary love-song favorites.

Watermelon Music has worked with the MMF to put on three, spectacular, sold-out performances in the past. “The really special thing about them is that it’s all young, super-talented, really passionate musicians—really thinking outside the box about what it means to be a classical musician in the 21st century,” says Harry Greer, orchestra department manager at Watermelon Music. “It’s an interesting combo. I can’t wait to see what they do for Valentine’s Day.”

Concerts, such as the MMF, are some of the most popular events held within the Melon Ball—a glance at the Watermelon Music event calendar will reveal an extensive lineup of bands from near and far. The venue also hosts music classes, comedy evenings, improv comedy gatherings, and monthly open mic nights. “I frequent open mic nights all over the area. This is definitely the warmest, most inviting one I’ve been to,” noted Greer, “People that have been coming from the beginning have become total lifelong friends, [they] form bands through it and everything.”

The Melon Ball’s interior includes a stage, green room, kitchen, in-house sound system, and a lovely Steinway baby grand piano, and is often rented out for music recitals—but is also used for dinners, parties, and even yoga! 

Greer describes the ballroom as “very flexible with a lot of potential,” the perfect space for accommodating the diverse interests of Davis community members. “It’s interesting to see what kinds of things the community is looking for,” he says, “Our goal is to provide a space that Davis wants, for Davis’ wants.”

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