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Free Art Pantry Opens in Davis

A group of local artists are working to make sure art is accessible to everyone in Davis.

Third Space Art Collective, a working artist studio and gallery, has opened a Free Art Pantry to serve the needs of lower-income artists.

Art is an integral aspect of Davis, but many art supplies are expensive. Third Space organizers hope that by encouraging the community to share resources, they can nurture the fundamental need for art in our community.

“Art is a resource-heavy practice and waste is one of the biggest problems of our time,” Sedona Patterson, Free Art Pantry organizer, told The Dirt. “This pantry funnels lots of gently used would-be waste into the hands of artists, parents, teachers, and students who otherwise are likely being priced out of doing something they really enjoy.”

Visitors may find brushes, paints, clay, paper, tape, markers, gouache, yarn, and so much more.

The Free Art Pantry was opened as a mutual aid project, and will be open regularly to anyone who wants to access or donate gently used and new art supplies at no cost.

“Since starting this project I’ve collected a variety of art supplies and I get messages every day from new people looking to donate,” Patterson said. “As such, there will always be a diverse collection of tools at the pantry ranging from painting to drawing to textiles! In the future I hope that I can fill it with more niche supplies for installation, ceramics, digital art, photography, printmaking and culinary arts.”

The Free Art Pantry is open every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month from 10:30a—12p.

To donate, please email to schedule a drop off time.

Popular donation items include:

  • acrylic paint, watercolor paint, oil paint, brushes, charcoal, pastels, ink, markers, paper, sketch books (various media), crayons, colored pencils, pens, markers, adhesives, glue guns, permanent glue, tape, washi tape, tools, clay, glaze, stencils, canvas of various sizes, easels, art books, aprons.

  • Painting tools: palette knife, paint roller, fixative, gouache, palettes.

  • Paper: Cardstock, origami paper, rolls of paper, watercolor paper, construction paper, new or gently used coloring books, tissue pap

  • Photography: Photographic film, working cameras.

  • Fabric & Textiles: Fabric, studs, rivets, grommets, patterns, yarn, felt, ribbon, buttons, snaps, zippers, velcro, leather, wool, thread, knitting needles, faux fur, crochet, dyes.

  • Craft: glitter, beads, polymer clay, scrapbooking supplies, pipe cleaners, floral arrangement stuff, craft foam, stickers, shells, stamps, wax, resin, pliers, wire.

  • Misc: postcards, photos, found objects, magazines, digital art tools, printmaking tools, screen printing tool


Donations not currently accepted include: clothing, anything broken, dirty items, dried up markers or glue, expired paint, glass (jars ok), computers, really small scraps, etc.

“You don’t always need the best tools to be an artist but you do need to feel supported and cared for every once in a while,” Third Space’s website reads.

Third Space Arts Collective is located at 17 Arboretum Drive Unit C, Davis.

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