Artist Book Exhibit

C O N T E N T 2023: Artist Book Exhibit

The Artery of Davis is pleased to announce a national juried call for art:

C O N T E N T 2023; Artist Book Exhibit.

“C O N T E N T” a Juried Artist Book Exhibit will take place September 1 – 25, 2023.

This show will be juried by Nikki Thompson and Adele Shaw.

Prospectus: To understand what an artists’ book is you have to forget your preconceived definition of a book. According to the Smithsonian Institute Library blog, “An artist’s book is a medium of artistic expression that uses the form or function of ‘book’ as inspiration. It is the artistic initiative seen in the illustration, choice of materials, creation process, layout and design that makes it an art object. …

“What truly makes an artist’s book is the artist’s intent, and artists have used the book as inspiration in a myriad of ways and techniques, from traditional to the experimental. The book could be made through fine press printing or hand-crafted, the pages illustrated with computer-generated images or cheap photocopies; books became sculptures, tiny and gargantuan; books were sliced up and reconfigured, made from all kinds of materials with unconventional objects incorporated, in unique or limited editions, or produced in multiple copies. With all sorts of ideas behind them, artists continue to challenge the idea, content and structure of the traditional book.”

Whatever way your intent has led you to make an artist book, that’s the kind of book we are looking for.

There are no limitations to binding style or medium. Submissions must be visual in nature. Written text passages may be part of the book, but not all of the book. Paintings, photographs, drawings, prints, collages, or other visual art forms must be part of the book. Submissions may contain text, concrete/visual poetry, any of the above mentioned disciplines, or a combination thereof.

This exhibition is open to any one currently based in the US. (No international shipping.)


We’re excited to announce our special guest juror for this exhibition: Nikki Thompson of Deconstructed Artichoke Press. She and Adele will co-jury the exhibition.

Nikki Thompson is a book artist (aka Deconstructed Artichoke Press) and poet. With an MFA from the California College of the Arts, her art explores architecture, feminism, and the politics of work through the mixed media of bookmaking, printmaking, and photography. Her work has been awarded First Prize at Gallerie Renee Marie and a Purchase Prize at 23 Sandy Gallery. She has also been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and received the College Book Arts Association Project Assistance Grant. Her work can be seen at

Adele Louise Shaw is a book artist and a painter. Her career as an artist has been punctuated with wildly diverse artistic explorations but artist books have been a constant in her pantheon of inspiration as she’s been surrounded and inspired by her great-grand parent’s hand-bound books all of her life.

Adele’s book-smithing is squarely focused on a different, newish book form referred to as ‘Artist Books’. As a constant experimentalist, she never ceases to try new methods and materials to actualize her vision. Many of her hand-bound books are derived from her work as a painter. She teaches book classes out of her studio in Davis, California. You can view her work at

Important Dates:

•Deadline to Enter: Sunday, July 23, 2023

•Notification of Jury Results by email: July 31-Aug 4, 2023

•Delivery dates for shipping: August 14-17, 2023

•Delivery dates for hand delivery: August 14-17, 2023

•Installation August 29-31, 2023

•Exhibition Dates: September 1 – 25, 2023

•Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 7 – 9pm.

Awards announced at Opening Reception

•Return of unsold artwork: Pick up/ship dates: Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Books can be for sale, or not. The Artery Gallery will retain a 50% commission on non-member sales.

Please follow the project on Social Media! Instagram: @contentartistbooks @arterydavis FaceBook: The Artery of Davis

The Artery Gallery is located at 207 G Street in Davis, California. Questions: email


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