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Bob Dunning Still Writes for Davis

After nearly 55 years penning the longest running column in America, The Enterprise has said goodbye to Bob Dunning.

And according to Dunning, the details of his layoff aren’t pretty.

“There was no thank you. No goodbye. Not a penny of severance. Just stone-cold silence,” Dunning wrote on his Substack about the experience. “No golden parachute. In fact, no parachute at all as they pushed me out the back door of what I often lovingly referred to as the Starship Enterprise.”

Dunning started work at The Enterprise in January 1970.

Dunning—who named Davis “the town of all things right and relevant”—says he has no plans to stop writing.

Skipping the middleman, Dunning now writes directly to his readers on a Substack, where they can subscribe as a founding member, or a yearly or monthly subscriber.

Check it out here: thewaryone.com

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