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Planning a Cozy, At Home Art Party

By: Hanna Nakano

The Dirt was built on the idea of sharing local events to get people out of their homes and building community with one another. But I’ve always been a contrarian and these rainy winter months have set me on a journey of coziness inside my own home.

There’s nothing wrong with being a homebody. An entire industry was built on the idea of Hygge. So lean into it, I say. Just invite your chosen ones to join.

Interested in planning a cozy, at home art party of your own? Copy ours!

You’ll need:

  • Guests
  • Food & Drinks
  • Art Activity
  • Party Supplies
1. The Guest List

For an art-making party where you actually want guests to leave with a finished piece of work, we suggest keeping the numbers low. 10 or below is ideal for this type of activity.

2. Food & Drinks

For charcuterie boards & gourmet snacks that are just as aesthetically delighting as they are delicious, we love Mabel’s Farm Box. Handcrafted in Davis, selections start at $14, and you can order ahead!

There’s no dearth of locally crafted brews & wines in our region. For this Art Party, we sourced four of Super Owl Brewing’s favorite beers and let our guests vote on their faves!

3. Art Activity

Stamp carving is a satisfyingly simple art activity for friends of all skill levels.

For this party, we picked up carving tools and rubber carving blocks from The Paint Chip. I used a knife to cut the block into 1-inch squares and super-glued the squares to a few of my children’s old wooden blocks (sorry, kids). Blocks, or a similarly shaped object, make a great ergonomic handle for carving and stamping!

4. Party Supplies

I’m a big fan of over-the-top details to make a party—and your guests—feel extra special.

For this Art Party, we sourced tactile inspiration from large art books. Whether you’re more of a Wes Anderson or Annie Leibovitz fan, The Avid Reader’s section of art books is impressive and flipping through the pages will definitely get your creativity flowing.

We also asked our friends at Mainstage Dispensary for help getting party guests in their most art vibe-y mood. Their budtenders can help you find exactly the mood you’re looking for: uplifted, mellow, focused.

Finishing touch!

If you’re feeling ambitious, thrift a frame for each guest as a take home gift. Framing your own art is so satisfying—and powerful—and having a reminder of the fun hours spent with friends will be a little pocket of joy on the wall!

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