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2020 Fitness: Release and Refuel!

By JR Jones | February 28, 2020

Turning a page to a new calendar year is often taken as a cue to reevaluate health and fitness goals—a time to set intentions for your best year yet. If you’re looking to shake things up or start something new, here are some tips for you! 


Does your body need sleep? Then get your 8 hours. Does it need to move? Go for a walk or take a class. Are you hungry? Then make yourself something nourishing.

Pay attention to what your body needs. 

FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT (not what you don’t).

Do you want to eat more vegetables or more plant-based protein sources? Then put energy into doing that! Build your meals and snacks around the foods you know make you feel good.


Don’t beat yourself up: Holidays, and time with family and friends should be enjoyed and celebrated. Don’t stress over those extra cookies you had in December. They were delicious! Now move on.


Everyone feels better when they are consuming the water their body needs. Water flushes waste from the body, is a natural appetite suppressant, and is necessary for burning fat. Treat yourself to a new, reusable bottle, and keep it close by. Make sure you bring it to any exercise class you take.


Everything is more fun with a friend. Plus, you are more likely to stick to any plan if you have some accountability. Make a date with a friend to try a new fitness class or a new, healthy recipe.


Find a workout you love and enjoy. If the only reason you are working out is because you “should,” you won’t stick with it. Find something you actually like doing. Something that makes you feel good in your own skin. Something that makes you smile. 

JR is co-founder of ROWDY, a 45-minute dance-club inspired workout experience, which she promises will leave you sweaty and smiling this year. Get ROWDY! Classes are held in Davis and Sacramento. Check www.therowdyco.com for class times and to sign up. Follow IG: @therowdyco