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Local Author Publishes Fifth Novel in Series

By: Isabella Rogers for The Dirt

When author Fallon O’Neill began writing his sophomore year at Da Vinci Charter Academy, he had no idea it would result in a book deal for a six-book fiction series featuring a trio of dynamic characters and an entire fantastical world.

The Geist series, published by World Castle Publishing, began with Geist: Prelude in 2018. Last month, the series’ fifth installment, Geist: Requiem, was released.

O’Neill sums up Geist’s premise succinctly: “High-function autistic kid gets dragged into his own dark, gothic world, hijinks ensue.”

The author was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at a young age. Portraying the series’ main character, Victor Roland, with an autistic point-of-view was important, O’Neill said.

Within the novel, the reader gets to see the inner workings of Victor’s mind, which is often referencing various classical music scores and philosophical motifs reminiscent of Hegel and Nietzsche. 

In addition to music and philosophy, O’Neill’s work is heavily influenced by classic literature, metaphysics, and JRPGs (Japanese Role-Playing Games).

“This was all media that I consumed throughout my youth, and it just worked out to tell the story,” O’Neill told The Dirt.

In creating this series, the author even took a self-described “literary pilgrimage” to Florence, Italy which served as further inspiration and the opportunity to research Dante Alighieri, a famous 13th-century Italian poet who was heavily influential to the world of Geist

“I’ve traveled a little bit, but Davis has always been my home,” O’Neill said. The author can often be found writing at G Street WunderBar or Sophia’s Thai Kitchen, and you might even see the local venues referenced in his novels.

O’Neill’s favorite hidden gem in Davis is the Davis Beer Shoppe. And it’s not for the beer.

 “They have a little popcorn machine and that’s awesome.”

Release date on the series’ final installment, Geist: Furioso, has not been announced.


Books from the Geist series are available for purchase or order at Avid Reader. 

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